Fur Care & Storage

Proper fur care and storage is essential for prolonging the life of your garment. The following advice should be noted, especially if your purchase is expensive.

Some fur hats initially go through a period of shedding if purchased brand new. This is particularly true of bespoke or custom made hats. It is a perfectly normal process that results in removal of loose strands left over from production and could be accelerated through shaking.

Hats made of real fur may only be cleaned from dirt and dust with extra soft brushes. Any residual moisture should be dried naturally outside or in a well-aired room, at a distance from any heat sources.

Once the cold season is over and you are ready to put your winter gear away, ensure that dry odourless insecticide is applied to the intended storage space first. This advice applies to coats, jackets, vests, and any other fur items as well. Canvas bags may also be used for additional protection from moths. Store hats on shelves and clothing on high-quality wooden hangers of suitable size. Always ensure there is ample room so that your clothing and accessories are preserved in their original shape and condition for as long as possible.

During prolonged storage periods, it is recommended to periodically air items made of genuine fur. When doing so in summer, use shade to avoid direct sunlight. Fur care is rather straightforward and does not require much effort. Just make sure you do not skip on the routine.