Ambassador – Essential Winter Dress Hat

Churchill, Roosevelt and StalinIf there is one style of winter dress hat to single out it would certainly be the ambassador. Originating in the Soviet Union more than 70 years ago, it had quickly become the favorite among the ruling elite. Famous Yalta Conference picture shows Winston Churchill wearing one. Later on, Soviet General Secretaries Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, and Mikhail Gorbachev could not resist the temptation of donning many kinds of such timeless headwear. Eventually, the general public were allowed to indulge in showing off as well. The hat became a total success. So much so that people lovingly nicknamed it the pie or ship hat associating its form with the respective objects.

Black ambassador hatIt must be noted that the style initially split into two main branches. Mainly, the difference lies in the presence of a false brim or an additional outer layer at the base of the hat that serves not only a decorative purpose but also makes the hat more rigid. Traditionally, both types do not include foldaway ear flaps. However, due to popular demand, we now offer this as an option made of thin woolen cloth that also covers a part of the neck.

Leonid BrezhnevMost importantly, classic look can only be achieved with an ambassador hat made of Persian lamb, although other options (such as mink and faux fur) are available. When it comes to color variations, you will most likely be selecting between black, brown, and grey. Final decision will ultimately depend on your wardrobe. So what is it going to be for you today – a Gorbachev or a Brezhnev, as we call them ourselves these days? You are also most welcome to inquire about a matching collar, scarf, or even a full winter coat.